Hey, I'm Adegoke Adeyeye

… a go-getter involved in diverse legitimate online side businesses
I teach people how to unravel new income streams online, ditch their 9-5 job, build a sustainable online business and live their dreams

the Journey...

During my early years at the uni, I was priviledged to have access to the Internet and its numerous opportunities. I took interest in graphic & web design; even though I had to navigate the hurdles all by myself.

Due to my inexperience, peer pressure and parental influence, I was caught up in the rat race of 9-5 job right after graduation… I got a job!

Few years into getting a paid job, it hit me that I can’t actualize my dream life (i.e living life on my own terms) travelling this path.

I struggled making money and having enough of it. Paying of bills & catering for my needs and that of my family was difficult.

I needed a change… FAST!

I switched to building my graphic & web design skill as a side hustle. I was committed to it night and weekends. You can do it too!

What started as a side hustle then has grown to a six-figure creative agency (CreativeWox) – an agency that helps small businesses gain online visibility and growth by offering digital services – web design, digital marketing etc

The beginning wasn’t easy. I spent many days trying to figure things out such as, developing the right mindset about money, how to monetize my existing skill, learning new skills etc. I failed severally but kept on till I began to make headway.

Since I’ve cracked the code, I’ve gone ahead to create 5 additional income streams from my online side hustle and they are doing pretty well.

the birth of Affiliated Hustle

Due to the so many but few detailed/actionable resources out there for finding profitable side hustles, Affiliated Hustle was created.

I have helped thousands of “hustlers” find side hustles to help amplify their earning power and gain financial freedom.

The good news is, I want to help you too…

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself (like I did). I have gone ahead through all the slips so you don’t have to.

Your Vision Could Be...

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