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I guess you must have seen or heard that you can earn “BIG” online by uploading & selling books on Amazon without being a writer or writing a single word using your smartphone or laptop.  You might have equally heard or seen massive results & testimonials backing this up.

That is very CORRECT!

I am a living witness! 

I have made over $5000 KDP sales in the space of 3 months… not bad for a passive income!

It sounds easy, doesn’t it… but in reality,  it’s not that simple. it’s getting harder every day…

Quite a lot of things goes into building a 6 figure Amazon KDP Self Publishing business. From niche research, keyword research, cover design, interior design, upload and publishing and much more.

These steps can be overwhelming and definitely take a large chunk of your time & resources thereby making you lose money even when you’ve not started making any.

The smarter you get with each of these stages, the faster and better the results you’ll  get! 

Now this is it...

Stop spending valuable time & resources researching niches, keywords and designing interiors

Hmmm…. not a pleasant experience at all cos I have been there too.

But what if...

Like this…

With the Done For-You Cash Breathing KDP Interiors

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Own high converting templates without any effort on your part

Save on outsourcing your designs which may cost an arm and a leg

Save up to 90% of your time - allows you to build other income streams


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over $5000 selling low content books
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You are getting a complete, well designed and editable Done-For-You low content interiors - Coloring books, Planners, Journals, Logbooks, Notebooks, Sketchbooks and over 1000 niche ideas to help you get the same massive results in your self publishing business.

Have you ever felt like…

The reason for any or all of the above might be because you have not figured out how to get results in lesser time with minimal efforts

The so-called “big boys” of the Internet have cracked the code of doing things faster with minimal effort

If you must succeed online, you must have a proven plug-and-play system

You need to know that:

The real world value of this package starts from $5 (N3000) and above per design! That makes a total of $1000 (N600,000) + your TIME which is Priceless!

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Or maybe you are like me… back then, who knows everything about everything… 😀

I can research niches and keywords then proceed to design the interiors myself 

Candidly, it’s not impossible! 

But it is not always the case. 

There will be off days, days when your creative juices won’t flow no matter how hard you try.

So, stop wearing all the different hats in your business,
it’s time for you to work smarter, not harder!

The Complete Done-For-You...
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was specially made for you

Say goodbye to; technical work, time invested designing interiors, confusion on what niche and keywords to choose, extra outsourcing cost and others. 

This DFY, Upload-Ready package puts you in absolute control!

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About Me

My name is Adegoke Adeyeye

I am a kick ass go-getter involved in diverse legitimate online businesses. 

With a robust background in Web & Graphic design, I have been able to build a 7 figure creative and design agency over the past 10 years.

I am passionate about helping people dominate the digital space to their advantage. 

I teach people how to unravel new income streams online, ditch their 9-5 job, build a sustainable online business and live their dreams.


What makes this Done-For You package different? 
For starters, I didn’t come up with this package on a whim because I thought it is the “in” thing to do. It was born out of the desire to help you save time, money and ensure you start getting results as soon as possible… an opportunity I never had.

Can I brand or edit the templates?
When you purchase the KDP Million Dollars Interior Templates, you receive editable files as well. All you need is MS PowerPoint.

Why is investing in this DFY worth every penny?

Learning to work smarter in your business is the sure way to getting results faster and that’s what this package offers. You get to save time, money and ultimately have Lifetime Access to future updates

What if I need additional support? 
Send an email to [email protected]

Do you offer book cover design services?

Absolutely. You can make a  request by sending mail to [email protected]

When and how will I get my package?

Your package is instantly delivered to you after purchase without a waiting moment, you receive the digital files in a zipped format.

This is your time my friend…
Say YES to your success!

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